Design Workshops on Sustainable Packaging:

WDO certificate of leadership
World Design Orgnization workshops

I moderated two-week virtual World Design Orgnization workshops on the theme of sustainable packaging solutions for e-commerce. Lead a group of designers, students and packaging professionals from the World Packaging Organization, through the design process of investigating, ideating, and prototyping sustainable solutions for e-commerce packaging.

Usability Evaluation of eCommerce Site:

Sappi's eCommerce
Sappi's eCommerce

Sappi’s eCommerce site is in its 4th generation. Given that the technology landscape and in particular web technologies and designs are constantly evolving, and user-friendly, usable interfaces are not just expected but needed, and therefore a thorough heuristic evaluation of the current site was conducted. Findings include 55 major and minor improvements to make the site even more effective and efficient. Furthermore, a user test with users from three continents surfaced both additional usability issues and ideas for improving the overal design of the site.


Evaluating Crowdsourcing Platforms:


These cards allow you to evaluate crowdsourcing platforms, identifying certain gaps or missing features. Using the cards is the starting point of the (re)design of the platform. The aim with this evaluation is to transform the platform act more as an online community. Research shows that the social aspect of a platform is especially important for the long time use by members. Therefore, maintaining members to grow and become experienced necessitates a social platform. (work conducted with Simon à Campo)


Unpacking SUstand - A sustainable universal Tablet stand:

Data Science


Creastimate is a service developed to assist designers and innovators to think, structure and write scenarios of novel IoT products and services. Creastimate is strustured in three steps: 1) select input devices to include in your scenario; 2) select output devices to include in your scenario; 3) write the scenario. After writing the scenario Creastimate uses supervised machine learning techniques to predict whether it will be perceived as creative.


List of Crowdsourcing Platforms, JUN2016


Photos i took throughout the years. Copyright ©: Vassilis-Javed Khan.


How to conduct an academic literature review:

Introduction to Webforms series:

Mobile apps with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap:

Appinventor 2 Using TinyDB:

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