List of Crowdsourcing Platforms JUN 2016

My attempt to compile a list of existing Crowdsourcing Platforms.

GLOW 2016 with Ambianti NOV 2016

SUstand SEP 2014

SUstand -a truly Sustainable Universal STAND for your tablet. Made of 100% recycled cardboard, an adjustable stand for a tablet of every size.

AppInventor2 Videos MAY 2014


24 Apr 2012, Third app on Android Market is for supporting my SP1-02 2012 course on mobile app development with DW, jQM and PhoneGap


2 Nov 2011, Second app on Android Market is EuAsiaNews: Available in Android Market


20 Aug 2011, My first Android app on Android Market is Discount Calculator an app build for BeForward S.A.‘s clients: Available in Android Market

FNG2010 Workshop co-organizer SEP 2010

Co-organizing workshop: Playability and player experience of casual games at Fun and Games 2010 conference in Leuven, Belgium

Workshop organizer MAR 2010

Organized upon request Workshop 1 at the Nationale Opleiding Media Coach Congres 2010. The presentation was focused on Kidzframe and what can it mean for educational purposes.

Article published in newsletter JAN 2010

Article on the I4D (innovation for development) conference in Eindhoven was published in the eleventh USINET neswletter.

Interview and article published in newsletter DEC 2009

My interview with Kentaro Toyama, former head of the Technologies for Emerging Markets group of Microsoft Research India titled: What makes the difference is human intent and human capacity was published in the tenth USINET neswletter. The interview was taken during MobileHCI09 in Bonn.

PhD achieved! 11-11-09

Defense committee: Professor Dr. Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Professor Dr. David Keyson, Professor Dr. Elke den Ouden, Associate Professor Dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Principal Scientist at Philips Research Boris de Ruyter, Promoter: Professor Dr. Berry Eggen, Co-Promoter: Associate Professor Dr. Panos Markopoulos
After a successful presentation and reception my research has received a lot of media attention in the Netherlands: Trouw,,,, VK Banen,,, BNR and the original article in the cursor. But also in Belgium: De Standaard,, Studio Brussel

STW grant proposal OCT 2009

Co-authored and submitted a STW valorisation grant proposal to conduct a feasibility study of

Workshop organizer JUN 2009

For kicking off my post-doc project I organized a workshop on 29th of June 2009, with participants from Philips research, SUSA group, TNO, User Intelligence, London School of Economics and IOP-MMi Senter, the sponsors of my project. I gave the following position presentation on the state of the art for Experience Sampling tools. Moreover i prepared a booklet for the event.

Co-founder JAN 2009

Co-founder of

Interview and article published in newsletter AUG 2008

My interview, titled: Researching ICT for the developing world with Mrs. Indrani Medhi, researcher at Microsoft India, was published in the latest USINET neswletter. The interview was taken during CHI08 in Florence. My article on the Tom-Tom visit was laos published on the same newsletter.

Web design for Fun and Games 2008 conference JUN 2008

Fun and Games 2008 conference web designer and developer.

Demo at CHI Nederland conference MAY 2008

Demonstrated Reconexp at the 12th CHI Nederland Conferentie in Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

My first popular article published in APR 2008

The title of the article is: ICT4D: the human face of large ICT companies and you can read it at: It was inspired by my visit to CHI08.

My first contribution to SDF2XML MAR 2008

Get it from CNET! JUL 2007

I must admit I am very proud of our new creation with Dennis. jQuery, php and CSS were extensively used. WEB 2.0 in its best! APR 2007

INEP, a previously created project has moved … next. Re-design of the logo, improvements in security and the database created. Read what the media had to say about the launch of Read what the printed media had to say about the launch of (pdf ~700KB) NOV 2006

Would you like to know key information about getting a job? That is the website for you. In this site I did a bit of graphic design and customized a CMS for the client.

Interview with Dr. Dr. Norbert Streitz published OCT 2006

My Interview, titled: The human should be in the loop with Dr. Dr. Norbert Streitz, key figure in HCI, was published in the latest USINET neswletter.

Ambient Awareness Website SEP 2006

The project website of my PhD. In this case I acted both as designer and developer.

Gourmandises JAN 2006

Delicious bakery inspired an all-around work: graphic design, frontend and backend programming.

Athlos OCT 2005

This time it is a Greek sports company. Graphic design by (who else?) Dennis. This project invlolved extensive Database design and development. PHP served as an interface for the MySQL Database. OCT 2005

An important organization for the claim of muslims in the Netherlands for their graveyards. In this site I did a bit of graphic design and highly customized an early version of Mambo. The site even though its peculiar topic, has been visited more than 5000 visitors in the first year. That shows the need for information about the topic. JUN 2005

Another site of a Greek company specializing in consultancy. Graphic design again by Dennis, i got my hands dirty in this project with some JavaScript

Research paper JAN 2005

This is the outcome of an extensive study i did for finding out the communication needs of single parent families and how ambient technologies could support such needs. OCT 2004

An active sports club in the bautiful location of Artemida close to Athens, Greece. The brilliant graphics were a creation of Dennis (aka Dionisis Chalikias)

INEP org SEP 2004

A journalist organization with aim to be a hub between european and indian journalists. Again Dennis comes into picture for the graphics and concept. AUG 2004

The alumni website of the post-graduate program User-System Interaction offered by the TU/e. I am the webmaster and responsible for developing the backend system and major part of the frontend.

usi desktop JAN 2003

An alternative design to send emails to my former colleagues at the USI program. The javascript components are made just for IE.

Gardening site JAN 2003 A gardening company based in the Netherlands. My task was backend programming with PHP. The site’s frontend design is of Ivo Weevers, who i thank for the nice cooperation we had for this project.

GOPIO – Belgian Chapter DEC 2002 Site of the Belgian chapter of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO). The backend programming is again done with PHP whereas the client-side with Javascript. The site’s frontend design is of Andres Lucero.

Online Usability Course SEP 2002 This is a pioneering course offered online by the Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana, in Santiago, Chile. The lecturer and frontend designer is again Andres Lucero. I designed and programmed the database as well as all of the backend stuff…

European Program Websites MAY 2000

Web designer and developer of Websites of the SPRITE and SUPPLIERS European programs

NBW JUL 2000

Natural Born Writers, a website of the work of the legendary group of graffiters in Greece… once more Dennis was the creative soul…